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 Basic CSS codes (for gameserver motd or webpage) ** Updated Regularly **
To apply a style to a page you need to put the following above your html, this adds the styles to the page:

<style type="text/css">
CSS Code here


CSS Setup

You must make sure you have your codes in a certain way to make sure they work. Here is a basic stylesheet with comments to explaining what to do:

.name // Name of the style here
{ // you must start your CSS with a '{' this will show the start of your code
color: #000000; // This code would make your text color black you must put the color as a Hex value (a color code starting with # then numbers and letters) You must then end the line with   
                        //';' that shows that the line is ending.
}                     // You must end the style with a '}' this shows that that particular style has ended

Confused? Just copy the codes from the list below. Then change the span style in the HTML to the name of that style.

    background-color:000000; // Changes background color black
    background-image:url(urlhere); // Changes background image
    background-attachment: fixed; // Background style (fixed or scroll)
    background-position:center center; // Background position
    background-repeat:no-repeat; // Background repeat
    border-color:226622; // Border colour
    border-width:3px ; // Border width
    border-style: solid; // Border style

    background-color:666666; // background colour
    filter:alpha(opacity=30); -moz-opacity:0.30; opacity:0.30; -khtml-opacity:0.30; } // Background optacy

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